May 24, 2019

Dear Customers and Friends:

Back in 2005 when we started the Forestry, Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Services division of ESI, we couldn’t have possibly imagined all the people we would meet, the places we would visit, or the projects we would work on all over the world.  It has truly been an adventure and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

Today, after 14 years as a Greenhouse Gas offset project and inventory validation and verification entity, we are pleased to announce that the Principal employees of ESI’s Forestry, Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Services division  Janice and Shawn McMahon are purchasing the division and will begin operating as Aster Global Environmental Solutions, Inc., effective in early May 2019.The transition will be led by the division’s senior vice president, Janice McMahon and Senior Manager Shawn McMahon and has been carefully planned to maintain the high level of service you are accustomed to from ESI. Please direct any questions regarding your existing or future projects to Janice or Shawn by phone at (330) 294-1242 or via email at: or

Janice and Shawn McMahon have been instrumental in creating and growing the Division and have helped set the standard for greenhouse gas emissions and removal validation, verification, and quantification services around the world. They are thought leaders in our industry and have a vision for the future of the business we built together. Under their leadership, we are confident that the new business will be able to serve you successfully with all of your greenhouse gas emissions and removal  validation, verification and quantification projects.

As I write to you today, I am profoundly grateful for allowing ESI and our team of dedicated professionals to serve you and your organization. I am also excited for Janice and Shawn and look forward to their continued success.


Rhodes Robinson
Owner / CEO
Environmental Services, Inc.